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Baja Kayakers Loreto Bay

Baja Kayaking Tours – Kayak Loreto to La Paz

Mar-May / Oct-Dec
Trip Length
10 Days
Loreto LTO
Skill Level
Classic Kayaking Route The Hidden Coast Paddling Loreto to La Paz

Classic Baja Kayaking Route

Considered as one of North America’s great classic kayaking expeditions, our Hidden Coast Baja kayaking trips explore 65 miles of the remote and roadless shores of the Sierra Gigante Mountains between Loreto and La Paz. Experienced paddlers regard this route as Baja’s best wilderness kayaking trip. The coast here is spectacular with small picture-perfect coves and arching white sand beaches.

Hidden Baja

Hidden Baja

The Sierra Gigante range rises along the eastern slopes of the Baja peninsula. Then, it plunges abruptly into the blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, effectively isolating the coastline between Loreto and just north of La Paz. The peaks and canyons of the Sierra range make a dramatic backdrop for the paddling route. You’ll camp in small red-rock coves and long sandy beaches along a remote coast where the only signs of civilization are the occasional lone rancho and the ruins of a Jesuit mission.

Added Depth

Added Depth

Ten days of kayaking with ever-changing vistas and beautiful and varied campsites are at the heart of this adventure. Hiking sojourns led by naturalist guides take you up some of the many arroyo canyons and into a subtly complex Sonoran desert ecosystem of giant cacti and tiny creatures. The waters of the Sea of Cortez, a body of water undersea explorer Jacques Cousteau called “the world’s aquarium,” abound with sea life. Every stop along the paddle route is an opportunity to snorkel a seldom-visited cove or reef teeming with brightly colored fish.

Fully Supported

Fully Supported

This trip is panga (skiff) supported, so you’ll paddle light kayaks. The panga carries the not-insignificant weight of water, food, and a few simple luxuries to make this extended wilderness trip more enjoyable. With the added security and safety the pangas provide comes added accessibility for a range of paddlers with the option of taking a break if desired. This one-of-a-kind adventure is an excellent opportunity for those who have kayaked with us in the Loreto area to explore more of Baja’s hidden treasures.


Baja kayaking happy couple

The trip was very enjoyable which had a lot to do about the quality of service provided by your guides, Segio and Marcos. They had extremely good interpersonal and guiding skills, a fantastic positive attitude about everything and worked continuously to provide us with the opportunity to have a great time. The food was great, their instruction including issues about our personal safety was excellent, and their ability to deal with unique issues was comforting.

Wayne Scott, AB Hidden Coast Loreto to La Paz

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