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Venice Kayaking Trip View of St. Marks Square

Kayaking Venice and the Laguna

Trip Length
9 days
Venice (VCE)
Skill Level
National Geographic 50 Tours of a Lifetime - Winning Trip Explore the Real Venice

Explore the Real Venice

Venice has been dazzling visitors for centuries. Linked to the Adriatic Sea, Venice is defined by the Laguna (lagoon) that has sustained it for fifteen centuries. Our “Kayaking Venice” trip is a journey through the beauty and wonder of the 212 square miles Venice Laguna, the largest wetland in Italy and home to a wide range of migratory and resident birdlife.

Note: This trip is limited to six participants. 

Photo: Crossing the basin of the Canal Grande

Discover the Secrets of the Venice Laguna

Discover the Secrets of the Venice Laguna

The Laguna is a thriving wetland and an important element of African – Eurasian migratory flyway. Dotted with islands some of which are tiny with the mysterious ruins of ancient structures while others hold farms, villages, and cathedrals. Over centuries the islands have been used to grow food, defend against invaders, provide respite for the elites of the city, and to isolate hazardous activities like the blazing furnaces of Venice’s famous glass craftsmen. The Laguna, its many islands and the city Venice make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Photo: Colorful Burano in the Venice Laguna

Santa Maria di Assunta cathedral on Torcello island in the Venice Laguna.

History of Venice

On this trip, you will visit many islands – one with a 12th-century monastery, another dating back to Roman times and enjoy a private glass blowing demonstration on another. Each island has a colorful legacy that fits into the historical tapestry of the Most Serene Republic of Venice – La Serinissima.

Photo: Santa Maria di Assunta cathedral on Torcello island in the Venice Laguna.

Kayakers exploring the canals of Venice

Kayak the hidden city of Venice

Experience Venice by exploring the distinctive sistieari (districts) by kayak at a pace that allows an appreciation of the multitude of architectural details; faces of deities, tiny squares and, secret gardens, all hidden from the view of most visitors. Our explorations are timed for the best interplay of light, water, and architecture that has always been central to the Venetian experience.

Photo: Kayakers exploring the canals of Venice

Meeting a Venetian rower

Ideal Craft with a Uniquely Venetian Perspective

Like the sleek fast gondolini, sea kayaks are ideally suited to exploring the shallow protected waters of the Laguna and we’ve designed a trip that vividly illustrates the special Venetian relationship with water. It encompasses sights and experiences quintessentially Venetian – gliding through the colorful canals of outlying islands, the shallow wetland channels defined by iconic three posted Bricoli markers and into the heart of the city. 

Photo: Meeting a Venetian rower.

A Venetian fish market

A Culinary Journey

As with all of our trips, we highlight cuisine as a window on culture. In Venice and all across the Laguna, you will dine on the freshest seafood prepared in a range of classic styles as well as a wide variety of tempting vegetable dishes fresh from the fields of farm islands like Sant Erasmo. In towns, you’ll discover the supremely enjoyable tradition of Cicchetti e Prosecco – a small snack with a glass of wine that is a mainstay of daily life in Venice.

Paddling a back canal in the San Marco sistiere

A Venice Few Visitors Ever See

You will ply the waters of the birdlife rich Laguna by kayak and experience a Venice that very few visitors ever see, each night staying at small, carefully selected boutique accommodations and dining in restaurants favored by the locals. Join us for a unique exploration of Venice, the water city of the world, that combines the natural with the urban and forges a connection between the past and the vibrant present of this most romantic of cities. 

Why kayak Venice?  Learn the story behind this award-winning trip.

Photo: Paddling a back canal in the San Marco sistiere


Allison and I thoroughly enjoyed the Venice trip, as you predicted last year.  Marco is truly a wonderful guide.  You are lucky to be associated with Marco and Enrico, two fine guides and great people.

The group was small, with just two couples, but we got along well and were able to get around more easily than a large group.  Paddling the canals was just surreal.  

Larry Stephenson, MN View Trips

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