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Haida Gwaii

Haida Gwaii Kayaking Tours and Trips

Kayaker soaking in the pools at Hotsprings Island on a Haida Gwaii kayaking tour.
Kayak Hot Springs to Totem Poles
Haida Gwaii Kayaking Tour Morning Approach to Burnaby Narrows Gwaii Haanas Park
Haida Gwaii Kayaking Trips

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Haida Gwaii is called “Canada’s Galapagos” because of the islands’ unique ecology. Gwaii Haanas (Place of Wonder) National Park was founded to protect the natural and cultural integrity of the remote southern portion of the archipelago. We guide you on a kayak camping journey through Gwaii Haanas, where sea lions lounge on rocky haul-outs, humpback, and orca whales glide through channels, and tidal shallows are scattered with brightly colored sea stars. You will stay at camps where Haida paddlers landed their magnificent cedar canoes and where the rainforest floors are covered with a thick carpet of moss.

• Float through the richest inter-tidal life in the world at Burnaby Narrows?;

• Feel the silent power of the standing totem poles at the SGang Gwaay
(Ninstints) UNESCO World Heritage Site and hear the story of each pole from a Haida Watchman guide?;

• Discover why National Geographic Traveler selected Haida Gwaii “Best of the World – 20 Places You Should See in 2015” and Outside Magazine ranked the archipelago as “Best Islands” in 2014.


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