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A Kayak Tour of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest

National Geographic 50 Tours of a Lifetime - Winning Trip Kayaking tour of the Ecuadorian Amazon Yasuni National Park
Amazon Kayaking Trip

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 A Kayak Tour of the Ecuadorian Amazon Rainforest  —  TRIP DETAILS

On our Amazon kayaking trip is your chance to glide soundlessly down a rainforest river in a kayak with only the sound of bird calls and rustling of troops of monkeys in the treetops overhead to break the silence. We’ve put together a kayaking adventure that no one else offers that gives travelers the chance to paddle the river systems of the Ecuadorian Amazon around the Yasuni National Park in Feathercraft® tropical expedition sea kayaks.

Kayaks offer unrivaled access to the small tributaries and the mysteries of the flooded forest in the famed Amazon, and their silent progress makes for outstanding wildlife viewing and encounters that are missed by passengers who travel in motorized craft. Each day, you’ll explore a new and fascinating aspect of this supremely unique ecosystem that has the highest concentration of flora and fauna species in the world. You’ll paddle through sections of forest that are actually floating, slip across mirror-calm lakes to look for pink Amazon river dolphins, and scan the jungle for flocks of brilliant macaws and over 12 species of primates. You’ll be led by a team of naturalist and aboriginal guides who can identify the plants and creatures you’ll encounter and describe in detail the fascinating relationships that make up the ongoing drama of life in the Amazon rainforest.

At the end of each day’s adventure, you’ll return by motorized dugout canoe to the comforts of one of the three deluxe jungle lodges that make up the accommodations on this trip. There will be time to have a hot shower, get a cold drink, and discuss the day’s highlights before sitting down to a dinner that blends local ingredients into international cuisine. Along with kayaking, we’ll have an opportunity to explore the entire forest, from the floor to the jungle canopy, all with expert interpretation. Guests will also enjoy world-class birding that is guaranteed to bolster the life list of even the most avid birders.

Kayaking the Amazon

A visit to the Amazon rainforest is a life-changing experience; small group size is the key to the success of any wildlife adventure. Just ten guests will be fortunate enough to participate in this very special kayak exploration of the sea of green that is the Amazon.


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