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Award Winning Italy Kayaking Tours

We offer an unparalleled range of multiday warm water kayaking tours in Italy. You can explore the sunny Italian Riviera, paddle between the five villages of iconic Cinque Terre, glide across the surface of breathtakingly clear turquoise blue water in Sardinia and see magical Venice from the most memorable point of view. All our Italian kayaking trips include unique regional elements, both cultural and culinary, well-planned paddling days and carefully chosen boutique accommodations. Contact us at 1-800-677-0877 for detailed information and travel advice

Cinque Terre and Sardinia

Awarded Best Ocean Trips 2014
Outside Magazine's 2013 Travel Awards

Discover the range of scenery, culture and cuisine in this award-winning trip that combines two distinctly appealing paddling destinations into a fascinating Italian travel experience that includes 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


  • Cinque Terre, the five seaside villages that are jewels in a spectacular natural setting
  • Portovenore, the “Port of Venus” that dates back to ancient Roman times
  • Porto Antico of Genoa, the medieval old city at the heart of Genoa, the birthplace of Columbus
  • La Maddalena National Park in Sardinia widely considered the Mediterranean’s best kayaking destination

Kayaking Venice and the Venice Laguna

Awarded Best Tours in Europe 2014
National Geographic Traveler Magazine's 2014 Tours of a Lifetime

Explore the sights and secrets of the 212 square mile Venice Laguna and kayak the canals of Venice and other Venetian island towns.

  • experience aspects of Venice and the Venice Laguna that few visitors ever see.
  • learn the art of Venetian paddling from master gondoliers
  • kayak the canals of Venice and explore the city this water city safely under your own power

Kayaking The Italian Riviera and Cinque Terre

Savor “La Dolce Vita” (the sweet life) while kayaking the Italian Riviera, one of the most iconic and beautifully coastlines in the world.

  • the Porto Antico of Genoa, the medieval heart of ancient Genoa
  • the one thousand year old Abbey of San Fruttuoso
  • Cinque Terre, the five villages in Cinque Terre National Park
  • Portofino Natural park and the famous harbor of Portofino
  • Portovenore, “Port of Venus”, the sixth village of Cinque Terre

Kayaking Wild Sardinia 

Discover the wonders and kayaking adventure to found on Sardinia, Europe's last wild island.


  • Kayaking the Gulf of Orosei
  • Hiking the Suproamonte
  • Explore Spanish Aghero
  • Kayak Capo Caccia
  • Paddle the La Maddalena Archipelago

"Travel by kayak in Italy combines ancient culture with stunning natural beauty. It is an absolute delight. “Marineria,” the life of the sea, is at the heart and soul of every village. Warm water, sun drenched beaches, and great Mediterranean food are all part of the harmony of life at the sea’s edge. Experiencing a culture such as this by kayak allows you to enjoy its natural rhythms. When paddling, time slows down so you can savor some of the simple pleasures of Italian life — warm focaccia, piping hot espresso and, the ultimate mid paddling day treat, gelato."

— Grant Thompson, Founder and Expedition Director

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