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Celebrating 35 Years of Award Winning Sea Kayaking Adventures

Why Tofino

Well Over 17,000 Satisfied Travelers

We have over 35 years of experience as a sea kayak expedition guide service, are leaders in sea kayaking instruction, and enjoy an industry-wide reputation for safety, service, and great food. We have guided thousands of paddlers on wilderness trips and are delighted that so many guests have become repeat clientele. Our trips are physically satisfying vacations that embody a spirit of adventure and are designed to be relaxing, safe, thought-provoking, and fun.

What Defines Us

We're waterpeople first and foremost, and we've structured our lives so that we can continue to explore the world's oceans and share our love of the sea with others. Secondly, we are avid travelers committed to authentic experiences encountered by going beyond the surface of a place and into hidden parts known best to locals. We believe in traveling gently wherever we go and using best practices and appropriate technology to minimize the impact of our trips. In all the places we work worldwide, we foster relationships that ensure positive benefits for local communities.

Our Food

Our guests tell us that the food is one of the best parts of Tofino Expeditions' trips. We know the importance of food on wilderness trips and pride ourselves in preparing high-quality meals from the freshest ingredients available. We are committed to using organic ingredients whenever possible and supporting local food producers.

Trip menus vary somewhat between areas of operation. Still, a day would typically include a substantial North American breakfast with freshly ground organic coffee, wholesome sandwiches and fresh salads for lunch, tried-and-true Mediterranean and other international favorites for supper, and fresh baked goods almost every day. In Baja, we integrate local produce with organic ingredients from home. We are happy to accommodate most dietary restrictions with advance notice.

Food is one of the best ways to discover a culture, so on our trips we actively seek out authentic culinary experiences that illustrate the cuisine of the areas visited. We see out farm to table dining in family owned restaurants and agriturismos 

Our Commitment to Conservation

Tofino Expeditions has always been at the forefront of minimum-impact camping techniques, and we have been formally recognized in Mexico and Canada for our responsible expedition methods and management. We employ sustainable practices in the field and in our office to minimize waste and our carbon footprint. We actively support various organizations that share our commitment to wilderness preservation.

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National Geographic Award

Best Outfitters on Earth - National Geographic

Tofino Expeditions was the highest rated sea kayaking adventure travel company in a National Geographic Adventure survey of international outfitters based on:

  • Quality of Service
  • Education
  • Sustainability
  • Spirit of Adventure