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Susan Sogard, Scotts Valley, CA
Miguel was truly outstanding as a guide, the lodges were all great and had wonderful food and staff, and the kayaking was a real plus for the whole experience. I really enjoyed staying at the 3 different lodges and seeing more of the area that way. It was a grand adventure for me and I learned a ton about the Amazon, so it was a rewarding as well as fun trip.
Corliss Boehne, Salem, OR
"Gary and I had an incredible trip. Thanks to you, Morgan, and Jess we had an adventure that was better than we imagined and more than we hoped for. We feel so lucky to have taken this trip with your company."
Peg Gerlock, Friday Harbor, WA
"Thank you for the amazing Amazon kayaking trip! Weaving through the narrow natural channels and meandering down the rivers surrounded by jungle was quite an adventure. The native guides brought a new dimension to the experience with the critters they could see in the jungle and the stories they told of plants and their culture. And the sounds!... exotic birds, insects and howler monkeys. This was our third kayak trip with Tofino Expeditions and they have all been amazing adventures. Next year we will kayak Venice."
“I have traveled to Venice on a few prior occasions, but the use of kayaks to see the city and the surrounding area may have left the most indelible impression on me. I enjoyed so many aspects of this tour which allowed us to witness the life of the region from a most unique vantage point–in a kayak on the busy canals and back waterways of Venice."
Barbara Konikow, Mercer Island, WA
“It was the best trip we have ever taken. Cannot wait to go on another one! Have been telling everyone how great it was and recommending it. You may get some people I referred next year on your trips."
Mark Silowitz, Palo Alto, CA
I wanted to drop a line and tell you how special the Gwaii Hanaas trip was that I completed July 20-27. My desire was to get off the grid for a while and paddle a place that few get to see, and I got what I wanted! My expectations were high going into this trip, and your company exceeded them in every way. Jess is a truly joyful person and an EXCEPTIONAL campfire cook, and I know that our whole group felt her dedication and affection, which obviously showed in the energy she put into caring for us. Haida Gwaii is a magical place, and Morgan's deep understanding of the place and the conditions,along with his innate sensitivity to the group's moods and abilities, made for perfect choices about conditions, daily mileage and campsites. We happily accomplished one day that took us almost twenty miles, and the payoff was a great campsite and an easy trip to Burnaby Narrows the next day. I feel we were lucky to have them both sheparding us through the water. I'm sure this will not be our last adventure with Tofino!
Jude McCafferty, Dryden, ON
“I wanted to share that I had an amazing time on the Cinque Terre trip.Enrico and Daniele were awesome, courteous, knowledgeable and fun. I would not hesitate to take another trip with them. This is my third trip with your company and I have enjoyed all of them immensely. I recommend your trips to my family and friends."
McKay Nutt, Portland, OR
What I liked most about the trip was the diversity of activities and the other people on the trip, including the knowledeable guides. I think the kayaking offers an experience and means of seeing things that is not offered by other companies.
Suzan Goldhaber, Setauket, NY
“You have enabled us to have this trip of a lifetime. The time we spent with you, Dat, and the group on Halong Bay was truly amazing, and both Lois and I are enormously grateful for the experience!”
Christoph Dietzfelbinger, Smithers, BC
I have been a mountain guide for more than 30 years, but know nothing about ocean kayaking. So I booked a trip for my 63 year old sister, her partner, my 13 year old daughter, my partner, and myself. Grant and Jess took us from the ancient totem poles of Sghan Gwaay to the tidal flats of Burnaby Narrows in Gwaii Haanas National Park and Haida Heritage Site, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia, Canada. It was an immersion in a totally different world, facilitated by a fellow guide whom I salute. We encountered whales blowing, sea lions bellowing, and salmon jumping. Needless to say, the organization, the food, and the guiding were smooth and well thought out. We got great food, we had very good kayaks and tents, and decisions were made at the right time and communicated well. Grant always knew where the group was at, was generous in sharing his knowledge, and I learnt a thing or two about guiding from him. I recommend this operator in general and this trip in particular.
Annie De Montigny-Leboeuf, Ottawa,ON
“We had a fantastic time! Everything was well coordinated, fun, and oh so beautiful! I am spreading the word around me. Many thanks.”
“I had a wonderful time and I’m so glad I decided to go! All three of my kayak excursions with Tofino Expeditions have been more than vacations, they have been life enriching and educational. A joy, thank you!!”
Russ Pasic, Lake Forest Park, WA
I just wanted to let you know that I had a great time on the trip with Marcos and Antonio. Everything went great from my perspective. The food - fresh seafood - and the camping locations were particularly special. As you probably already know we had perfect weather conditions throughout the trip. All the logistics and planning were great. I really appreciate the effort and abilities that went in to making this trip a success... I have always been an avid backpacker and for the last 8 years an avid and developing kayaker but this trip really opened my eyes to a new way to have it all.
Elaine Forestell, Lethbridege, AB
“It was an absolutely fabulous time! Marco’s knowledge of the coast was vast and he certainly picked two outstanding areas for us to spend our time. The waters were crystal clear and the colours!... I didn’t know turquoise could be such a deep and varied colour!"
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